• CROWN THINNING  |  It is usually defined as a fraction of the crown to be removed, for example “thin crown by up to a third”. Thinning lets more light and wind through the tree. Crown reduction: The removal of the outermost parts of branches, or side branches, back to growing points, to reduce the tree’s height and spread.


  • CENTERING |  …continue centering |… inner layer, also known as the canopy. In this area no much of photosynthesis happens compare with the leaves and needles on the outside of the canopy. Removing the growth in the inner part helps the tree to remain healthy and efficient.


  • BALANCING | The meaning of balancing a tree is to control the weight and distribute it evenly within the tree by pruning or completely removing the branches that are too big and overgrown growing in undesired direction. This is not only for cosmetic reasons, but a way to reduce the risks that gets generated during the storms and windy weather.


  • DEAD WOOD REMOVAL | continue dead wood removal…operations and sometimes when it is the right time and ecologically sound if the trees are kept on reduce sizes the will decay safely and naturally.


  • PRUNING | continue pruning… and maintains the health of the tree and reduces the risk of falling branches.


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