AATC is a second generation tree care services company with over two decades of combined experience Our vision is to expand our operations in the Puget Sound and continue with our prevention program by duplicating our efforts. Our mission is to offer the best tree service and deliver always quality before quantity. We take pride on our work. We boldly care.


Trees are a wonderful asset for any landscape or property they come with their own set of risks. there are several factors such as bad weather, construction, or structural defects that can turn trees in dangerous liabilities, and inadequate preparation and neglect can make the situation worse. AATC is her to put prevention in action and deliver congruence.


Safety is a very strong word…an statement. At AATC we take this word seriously. Knowing the liabilities and risk in play we make sure to have our safety meetings every day at each single Job site. We are well trained and ready to face The next project.


We have over a decade taking care of the trees of The Puget Sound. Training is a must and safety first is king. We only hire experts in the Tree Industry. Most of the Members of our team have a solid relationship with the forest And has trained with the tools of the trade. They practice what they preach and deliver what they promise. Taking care trees is a bold activity and also a dangers one. We cannot take any chances when we are out there in your domain. We are trained.

Crown Thinning

It is usually defined as a fraction of the crown to be removed, for example "thin crown by up to a third". Thinning lets more light and wind through the tree. Crown reduction: The removal of the outermost parts of branches, or side branches, back to growing points, to reduce the tree's height and spread.

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Even though the word centering means so many things, people have the tendency to confuse it as a mechanical way to alter the structure and balance of a Tree. Centering is when the inner parts of the foliage get removed. It is a way to decrease the density of needles and leaves in the...

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The meaning of balancing a tree is to control the weight and distribute it evenly within the tree by pruning or completely removing the branches that are too big and overgrown growing in undesired direction. This is not only for cosmetic reasons, but a way to reduce the risks that gets generated during the storms and windy weather

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Dead Wood Removal

Dead Wood Removal is great prevention system to avoid falling dead branches and debris. We do this in hi risk areas such as gardens and public properties. On this task is required to climb around the entire canopy of the tree Removal of deadwood is completed as part of a Crown Reduction or Crown Thinning...

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We selectively remove the dead wood, unwanted branches using specialized pruning practices. This “practice" entails to target and remove damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted parts of the tree. These great service controls and directs growth, improves...

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